One shot mode feature request

Hey guys, hope you’re well.

I’ve discovered recently that Playbeat can also be an incredible tool for sound design, as it allows you to chain and stack samples in many creative ways. The only problem that I’ve found is that it doesn’t allow you to deactivate the sequence loop, so the longest sounds in the stack can get their tails cut off.

This made me think of a possible new feature that would allow the sequence to just play once, allowing all the sounds in the sequence to be played in full, as apposed to being retriggered each time the sequence starts over.

In essence, it would only require for the overall loop being able to be switched off and make Playbeat work in one-shot mode, if that makes sense. I think this feature would make Playbeat even more versatile and powerful.


Thanks for the suggestion.
Does that happen when you drag/export a stem or a full mix or during playback too?

It happens during playback too, with samples that are longer than the timeframe of the loop. If the sample exceeds the length of the loop, it gets cut off.

I know Playbeat was originally intended for use with drums and short samples, but I think this feature would enable it to work with samples of any size.