More midi tracks

I am triggering other devices and I need more tracks. 8 is a bit limiting. 16/32 at least, preferably user configurable up to 128.


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Yep… 16 Pad/Tracks is standard today… We can still use 2 Vst/Auv3 instances… for now…

Looking forward to the update next week…

The best DrumMachine today… Love it…
One can only imagine PlayBass… wink.

Thanks for the feedback, i confirm that each and every request is taken in great consideration by our team.

However, Playbeat features eight totally independent sequencers which process audio and perform real-time pitch shifting on each step, not all machines would handle 16/32 tracks doing that without compromising quality and/or performance.

Of course, it is something that we will definitely test for our upcoming updates.

Hi RajahP,

Our upcoming Riffer update will be way more flexible for generating bass-lines.


Can’t wait… looking forward to It… Thanks…

Perhaps in order to facilitate more tracks, we can have an option to turn the audio engine off?
I am using it exclusively with Tal Drum on each track.