More midi tracks

I am triggering other devices and I need more tracks. 8 is a bit limiting. 16/32 at least, preferably user configurable up to 128.


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Yep… 16 Pad/Tracks is standard today… We can still use 2 Vst/Auv3 instances… for now…

Looking forward to the update next week…

The best DrumMachine today… Love it…
One can only imagine PlayBass… wink.

Thanks for the feedback, i confirm that each and every request is taken in great consideration by our team.

However, Playbeat features eight totally independent sequencers which process audio and perform real-time pitch shifting on each step, not all machines would handle 16/32 tracks doing that without compromising quality and/or performance.

Of course, it is something that we will definitely test for our upcoming updates.

Hi RajahP,

Our upcoming Riffer update will be way more flexible for generating bass-lines.


Can’t wait… looking forward to It… Thanks…

Perhaps in order to facilitate more tracks, we can have an option to turn the audio engine off?
I am using it exclusively with Tal Drum on each track.


Any news on this Riffer update?

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16 tracks is definitely a must. Pretty much all drum machines now have at least 16. If you think about it:
1 - Kick
2 - Clap
3 - Snare
4 - Closed HiHat
5 - Open HiHat
6 - Crash
7 - Ride
8 - Sidestick

Then you don’t have any space for toms, percussion, etc.

This limitation is one of the things that still pushes me to using Loopcloud Drum more than Playbeat right now, otherwise I would completely dump LCD and stick to PlayBeat 100%

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We agree with this,

We kept it up top 8 sequencers so most machines could handle Playbeat’s real-time pitch shifting without issues, as this process tends to be more resource hungry for CPU.
For V4 we aim to provide 16 sequencers.

I think computers tend to be pretty quick nowadays and having 16 patterns at the same time, is not a thing people use on every project, so I don’t think this would be an issue, but it’s good to have that extra headroom to play

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