Playbeat 3 Feature Suggestions


It would be great if you could set each channel to a certain musical scale in playbeat 3 so that certain sounds stay in key. FX would be cool so you could add fx on a per step basis. Things like reverb, delay & a moog style ladder or polivox filter (or both)! Also, a delete button for the presets on the main window would be great to limit menu diving. Keep up the great work and thanks for listening!

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Hi ziggy,
Thanks for your feedback and i can confirm that all of these are coming with our V4 later on this season. Stay tuned!


Wicked, glad to hear it. Can’t wait!

Also forgot to mention one more feature request! Could you please add step probabilities? That would be an absolute knockout! Thanks again!

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Actually, there is a step probability, but it is not an independent step probability. The probability comes with the number of notes (min to max) and the locking mechanism. It is different philosophy to other drum programs. I am not sure if it won’t be totally confusing if you mix that into Audio modern’s UI philosophy of today.

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I suppose you mean a blank step can be locked to not play, therefore leaving it blank so that the random step feature plays in the unlocked spaces on the grid where you would want them to play occasionally. Seems like more work locking every blank step rather than simply selecting fewer steps where you do want probability. To me, it would make more sense to make it faster by only having to select the steps you want probability on rather than lock all the ones you don’t.

I think having the 0-100 values for independent step probability would be amazing since the values are already available for other things like the volume. It would make more sense in my opinion to be able to select it individually on any given step as such.

I guess we will have to wait and see, what Audiomodern will do. :sunglasses: