Importing Expansion Preset pack

Using Win 10 latest, Reason Studios 12 latest, Playbeat latest 3.2.4

In Presets & Packs I press on Import pack + and along with a browsing/location windows page I get the Windows default ring/dong sound as if there is a problem. It does the same sound when I click on anything from there on in. So I go to the download folder to import the pbpack file and I get the same sound, plus, it will not import.

Does anyone have any idea what is actual going on with my scenario above, thank you.

I don’t think it is related to the expansion pack… It is Symmetry for Playbeat

Hi Ch1mpact,
Is this happening only when trying to import an expansion from within Reason, or in standalone mode too?

Sry, Yeah happening in Reason 12 latest. I will download standalone and try that, thx

Also, I forgot to mention is the ‘browsing/location windows page’ hangs, meaning, I cannot close it without shutting down Reason 12 altogether

Ok, just tested the standalone and import works smoothly and quick. Excellent. No hang ups with the Windows browsing page . All good. So, in Reason 12 is a problem.

Thanks for reporting,

We assume that this is an issue related to Reason latest version only.
We will try to test this locally and see what might be causing this.

You’re welcome… I didn’t think of using the standalone initially but this is the way I shall import from now on. Thank you for the replies. This is strictly Reason 12 (new script) behaviour.