I going crazy by exporting Midi Stems...it will not work

    1. Why some Presets has fixed Midi Notes for Tracks?

At first i thought that causes the issue that Midinotes don trigger the right sound on a Track.
This happens actually.
On Export the Tracks/ Midinotes are overlapping or complete wrong.
I dont understand why they are complete wrong and always the same, even after choose another Preset?

I expected that every Track 1-8 can dropped via Midi Stem from C3-E2 - ALWAYS fixed on every Preset.

But some Presets has fixed Note output or someting…where i export “shit” ? Maybe?
I Midi Monitor this and its exacly what i expected, more than one Track are on Note C3

Or has Exporting Midi nothing to do with that experience?

playbeat-fix midi

    1. Exporting ALL STEMS export NOT the actual Beat, how much i try this
      the Midi notes seems not fit the Midinotes/ Tracks are on the wrong Notes, where is no or the wrong Sound. Now i see its also upside down counting. its not C3-E2 its C3-G3…
      The exported notes are ALWAYS the same, i dont know where they come from or why there are there…

Exporting THIS:

Looks like THIS - ALWAYS - i can switch the presets, is always the same.
OR it sounds completely broken.

Export Stems sounds absolut different as the Beat:

    1. Exporting every Track separatly seems to work, but ALL STEMS not.

What i want.

I want to Export Track 1-8 via ALL STEMS on the Midi Notes “C3” to “E2” (top to bottom like the tracks are listed) Global Fixed on the Notes for all Presets.


Playbeat uses real-time pitch shifting on all of the sequencers (Pitch Tab) which is why feeding its own midi back to Playbeat will not work, as it will again trigger the ‘Pitch’ tab and the pattern will change based on the Pitch settings.

We would suggest to use the Audio Export feature if you’re not using MIDI to ‘feed’ another module.

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I expected to use it like in XLN XO, so i wonder thats not doing it. I even dont know in what case or situation anybody use this “feature”. ^^,

Did you ever manage to find a solution to this question?
I’ve been having similar problems, and I’m using Bitwig as well - see Can you export a kit to a set of WAV files?

it seems not a problem with the bitwig 5 beta 10. for now…