Export all MIDI stems works but plays wrong groove

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I’m using Playbeat 3 in Ableton Live 11. I open a pack and get a groove going. I want to then have each midi channel routed to it’s own track. If I export the entire groove using all MIDI stems to Ableton Live, Ableton plays a different groove and sometimes pitch on individual tracks.

I can manually export each of the to audio clips to separate audio tracks and it works but it would be better if I could export to midi so that I can easily edit individual midi notes if needed.

Also, it would be great if all individual audio or midi clips could be selected as a group and routed to their own individual tracks in one step. XO XLN does this, pretty useful.


Hello KTZ,

Have you configured your MIDI outputs setting through the settings tab?
It should look like this (see screenshot)

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I’ve attached a PDF with a step by step explanation of what I’m trying to accomplish, using your recommended MIDI output settings. The output does not match what Playbeat is playing. Could you take a look and let me know what I’m doing wrong?

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The security system at Audiomodern rejected my PDF file. I will try attaching a word document which gives details on the issue I’m having. It has screen shots.

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Can you please send it to us via the contact form on this page? https://audiomodern.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

The pdf and word attachments were rejected. I’ll try to just explain without attachments.

  1. Load Playbeat VST3 into an empty slot on an empty Ableton project.
  2. Use “Curve” preset from “Refract II” pack.
  3. Check settings for the Plugin icon. Settings appear to be correct based on your recommendation. Notes used are C3, C#3, D3, D#3, E3, F3, F#3 and G3.
  4. All 8 channels are set to “ON”.
  5. Lock MIDI Outputs is selected (red).
  6. Go back to main interface. Play the clip from Playbeat (unsynchronized with DAW). Sounds good.
  7. Export All MIDI Stems from Export dialogue box by dragging and dropping onto an empty slot in Ableton.
  8. Play the exported MIDI clip by clicking the Click Launch Button on the Playbeat channel, with Playbeat unsynchronized from Ableton.
  9. It sounds very different from what Playbeat sounded like when I played that.

Question: how can I get the exported MIDI clip to sound the same as what Playbeat is playing?

I just did, request (14946).

Thank you!

Thanks for the information,

The fixed note outputs are there so you can ‘feed’ another plugin or a Live rack which has a fixed range of notes. Why are you choosing this method if you are not intended to pass the midi to another module? This way you eliminate the real-time pitch shifting engine entirely, the preset sounds differently. Is it because you want each note to have a fixed one-note range?

From what i understand, you are trying to feed the MIDI out from Playbeat back to Playbeat, however at the moment that is not possible as the incoming midi will interfere with the real-time pitch shifting engine (Pitch Tab) which will cause the preset to trigger again new hits on top of the pattern.

With our upcoming update we are solving this issue by using the multi-functional keyboard that was introduced in Loopmix, where you will have the option to trigger sounds, sequencers (single tracks or whole pattern) or remixes via a fixed set of keys on your keyboard, regardless of the real-time pitch shifters.

In this case, i would suggest to use the audio export for Live clips.

Thanks very much for the clarification, it’s starting to make sense now.

For my workflow, I think it’s easiest for me to use the numbered presets inside Playbeat and treat them essentially as Ableton scenes. This should work for me.

I am wondering if there will be a way to export all the audio clips at one time, instead of one by one, in the future? Would be a nice time saver.

Thank you!


Clarification: will there be a way to drag all the audio clips out at once and have them map to individual tracks? ie, select all 8 audio individual tracks in Playbeat, and drag and drop them onto 8 individual tracks in Ableton?

Yes this has been requested and it will be implemented.

Fantastic, thank you for all your help!