Playbeat 3.1.2 Fixed Note Output settings do not Save

Ableton 11.1.1, MacOS 12.2, Apple M1 Max, Playbeat 3.1.2

When I configure the Fixed Note Output for each of the individual tracks in a project, the next time I open the project all of the Fixed Note Output settings have reverted to all being ‘C3’.

Hello David,
The note output settings should be save along with the preset. Can you please confirm that is the case?

So if I make a Preset called ‘Test’ and change the Fixed Note Output on track 1 to ‘on’ and change the note from C3 to D3 and Save the preset, and the project, and then quit and restart Ableton - when I re-open and load the project, Playbeat comes up with the preset ‘Test’ loaded, with the Fixed Note Output on Track 1 set to ‘On’, but the actual Note value is C3. I then have to manually click ‘Load’ and select the ‘Test’ preset (which already appears to be loaded in the main window) and then the previously saved Note value ( D3 in this case) is loaded to Track 1.

Just wanted to check back in on this. Is this the intended behavior or is this in fact a bug? It seems like when I save a state in the plug-in that it should restore in the exact same state.


Hello David, This seems like a small bug on our side.
We will have an update for this really soon which will also include some new features as well.

Thanks for your patience.

Just out of curiosity is there an approximate date for the new release(s)?
Thanks for the responsive dev cycles…