Pattern/MIDI Export issues

hi, just had a couple issues so let me lay it out:
for technical ref: i have playbeat 3 and ableton 11 intro

1A- when I export MIDI in ableton drum rack, there’s no way for me to link the samples within the drumrack to the notations exported. when i open settings and try to change “fixed note output” to map to their respective key values on the drumrack as i’ve seen on videos online, it only shows me velocity for some reason, so basically all the notes and modulation data appear in the midi clip but i cannot map them to any samples. i tried manually mapping them within drumrack but that doesn’t work either. hope that made sense

1B- as i tried to work around that issue, i thought i would just export each channel’s midi individually to ableton simpler on separate tracks- so one sample within the simpler per track, when i did this, the notes showed up but the modulation data didn’t so i was stuck with flat lifeless notes on the clip

what am i missing here? all i want to do is group export the midi data into ableton drumrack and map them out within playbeat so that when i put the clip in the midi track, all the samples+midi data automatically correspond to their place in the drumrack

any thoughts?

Hello and thanks for reaching out to us here.

Can you please make sure you have the latest version 3.0.6 installed? This corrects a small issue on certain OS versions that had to do with the “Fixed Note Output” parameters.

Let me know,

thanks for the quick reply. I got version 3.0.0 where can i get the upgrade link?

If you have purchased form us directly the update should be available on your account downloads.

If you purchased through one of our resellers the update should be on your account over at the reseller’s site. In this case you can always register the app(s) with us, in order to get the update(s) from us as well.
Here’s how: Buying from Third Party Resellers | Audiomodern

Can you confirm you have access to the update(s) ?

I bought it thru ADSR but I checked out as a guest so I dont have access to the user portal. Is there a way to get a direct link? I can send the license and order number of course, just give me a email to send it to if that works for you

You can register the app with us so you can have access to all future updates as well.
Here’s how: Buying from Third Party Resellers | Audiomodern

Thanks just downloaded 3.06. Before I do the upgrade, just a point: I noticed that the Playbeat doesn’t keep patterns when you reload a project, and if you do save it to presets, the pattern is there but any wav samples you dragged out of it cannot be found (Sample Offline).

My question being: Will upgrading cause erasure of my previous stored patterns + any exported wav samples (<<Thats the big one)?

Hello again,

This shouldn’t happen. Playbeat should always save the patterns regardless if you save them to presets or just save the DAW project. I would suggest to update to 3.0.6 and see if you experience the same issue. No patterns will be erased.

Sample offline warning means that you have imported a sample which you later moved from your drive or changed its location.
In such case i would suggest to save your presets in Packs if you need to change your samples location regularly.
Here’s how: PLAYBEAT 3.0 by Audiomodern | Packs - YouTube

Thats the thing, I never move my samples so whatever is happening hopefully is an effect of using ver 3.0. I’ll get things started with 3.0.6 and follow up if theres any more bugs. Thanks