Playbeat 3 export not working

I´m trying to use Playbeat 3 in Cubase 12. When I try to export any pattern the midi pattern dragged to the DAW has nothing to do with the original one, what is going on:
As an example I try to export this pattern from the preset list and this is what I get in Cubase:

it happens with all patterns, if I export the audio it´s ok.

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Hi diegoalejo15,
Is the same thing happening when exporting and recording the MIDI in real time too?
Can you share a screenshot of your ‘Pitch’ tab settings?

I´m not sure what you mean by exporting in real time.
Here is the pitch screenshot.

Is there a way to have pitch on each track fixed like any normal drum machine?

I´ve found how to fix pitch and now the export is working but I only hear track 8 output, the other track do not sound, what am I missing?

Which module are you trying to trigger? Can you please make sure that there are sounds loaded to your module so that you can hear them?