How to use Voice distribution by Chordjam in Macos DAW? (I use Ableton live & Logic pro)

Hey guys.

My chordjam is version 1.1.5. My problem is that I don’t understand the function of voice distribution, can someone explain how to use it in Macos DAW? (I use Ableton live & Logic pro)

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Rocken,

The voice distribution feature allows to specify a channel for each chord voice, i.e. first (lower) voices channel is 1, 2nd 3rd 4th voices channel is 2 and so on.

It can be used to play different sounds on different MIDI channels.

Thank you for the reply.

But I have tried many times in both Ableton live and Logic Pro without success. I think I have not set it correctly. Has anyone successfully used this function? Can you tell me how to set it up and use it?

I found the problem, can’t open Chordjam in DAW.

I have to open Chordjam separately, and then connect Chordjam and DAW through the IAC Driver of Macos MIDI studio, which is equivalent to using Chordjam as an external MIDI controller.

Interesting, I don’t know if the original factory practice is like this?