Chordjam: Midi clock and Midi output

Chordjam was always a great tool. With update 1.5 it got even better. But there are two things that would make it even better.
Chordjam has a standalone app, which comes especially handy when working with DAWs that are ignorant to Midi routing as MPC2. With the help of LoopMidi it kind of works. If there wasn’t the lack of sync to an external midi clock to sync standalone Chordjam to the DAW. To have this would be a game changer.

And then there is this really cool possibility to route robot and human sequences to different external midi devices. So you can play the same progression as “timed” (robot) on one device and as individual ARP (human) patterns on another device. :exploding_head:
Again, with the help of LoopMidi I can get these Midi streams back into my DAW. And work with these on different virtual instruments. But I do not understand why this is not built into Chordjam automatically. Chordjam already has the option for voice distribution. Would it be so much harder to also have the option to separate robot and human progression sequences?

Hi kjlietz,

Don’t you already have the option to route the sequencers midi outputs individually via the settings tab?

There is a difference between those Midi devices you can address and the channels of a DAW. And it seems DAWs as Reaper and MPC2 suppress midi output to external devices when I use Chordjam as a plugin. For these experiments I used LoopMidi to create virtual midi ports. In Cakewalk it is possible, but Chordjam and Cakewalk have a moderate probability to crash when used together. :man_shrugging:
Of course, I can use chordjam as standalone and address Reaper and MPC with it. But then again Chordjam neither sends midi clock nor does it sync to it. So this is not really feasible either.

Thanks for the information,
We will check how this section can be improved with the next update.

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