Chordjams's Voice Distribution does not work


I went through the trouble to test this feature with every VST host with MIDI routing capabilities I own (Reaper & Cakewalk & Unify). I found out, Chordjam does not distribute the voices. It uses the first channel you choose in the settings and it sends all notes to this channel thereby ignoring the other channels you might have entered. :frowning:
I am on Chordjam version 1.1.5 | Windows 10

Hello kjlietz,
Have you checked your Reaper settings?


Here’s what you should see with “Colour notes by channel” view

Thanks for the quick answer.
(1) What is the difference in your approach to one receive which sends all Midi channels and maps them to all?
(2) If I record (no matter with your approach or mine) the result is an empty MIDI-track. No notes at all. I usually record the audio of the addressed VSTs to get Chordjam’s output. In this case I used multitimbral instruments like Xpand2! or Unify and I addressed respectove channels with the different voices. But I also tried it with different instruments on tracks and the respective Midi routing. it does not work for me. Neither on Reaper nor on Cakewalk. :no_mouth:

Thanks for the information,

The screenshot in Reaper is showing that different MIDI channels are being shown with different color on the piano roll window. We will make some more tests to see what might be the issue.

Thanks, it would be great to make this work.
BTW with Playbeat it is still not possible to audition presets when working with Reaper.

Is this happening only when using Reaper?

Yes, only with Reaper. The audition stops playing after less than a second. I made a short video: No Playbeat preset audition in reaper - YouTube

Thanks for the video, have you tried to click and hold? Will this make the preview play correctly?

Holding or not it makes no difference :frowning:

Thanks for the information,
I assume it is a DAW specific problem, we will check what is causing this and correct it.


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