Chordjam in AUM, send midi to play ableton instruments

using multiple chordjams in AUM on ipad pro as midi generators sending chords to multiple ableton instruments.
ipad pro - iconnect audio4c and macbook pro running ableton live 11.

I cant find a way to stop chordjam sending midi out globally.
the only setting i can see is the midi CC channel setting - in here is omni or channels 1-16.
it doesnt seem to make any difference what is selected in this box - midi just gets sent on all channels.

for example if i select channel 3 in chordjam midi CC channel settings and select the corresponding input channel on the midi channel in ableton and destination instrument is also set to channel 3 it wont trigger.

Hello beej24,

I assume that you need each Chordjam output to reach individual track inputs in Ableton Live.
As all Chordjam apps are running in AUM, AUM then should provide separate MIDI outputs based on your AUM tracks.

Do you have this option, if at all possible, via AUM? Which are your MIDI Input options to select in Live? Can you please share a screenshot?

@Audiomodern Replying to you from this thread not to open another one, since my problem is exactly the same.
I’m also not able to define the MIDI channel out of the iOS version of ChordJam. Even not using AUM, just standalone. The main question is how can we set on which MIDI channel Chordjam outputs the MIDI data? Because MIDI is received on Ableton but always on channel 1. How can I get Ableton to receive MIDI from iPad Chordjam through, let’s say, channel 2?