Gatelab's "infinity" button makes Live 11 crash at song export or track freeze

Hello, I can’t export my song or freeze the track that has Gatelab on it. It makes Live crash every time. I narrowed it down to the “infinity” button, when it’s off, freezing the track works. When it’s on, looking at the UI, the export/freeze crashes at the end of the first sequence, when the pattern is about to be randomized. Using Gatelab 1.1.3 (tried VST2 & VST3), last version of Live, up-to-date Windows 10. No Gatelab preset to delete. Other bug, don’t know if related or not: Gatelab automation doesn’t work, I tried it on the intensity setting and I can see the parameter change on the UI, but it has no effect on the gate sequence.

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I got the same issue (mac), and the only way to get the effect working (infinity) was using the function resampling within ableton.

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Hello arsamie,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that. I have forwarded this to the dev-team so we can investigate the issue and correct with a quick update.

Thanks for your patience,

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Yes, that’s what I did too