Gatelab still crashing with ableton in mac intel

Hi! i saw an entry where another user had the same problem and i try to apply the asnwer but everytime i use gatelab ableton still crash particulary when i try to render the final audio.

I erased the files, the components, re installed the vst but i couldnt.

Im using ableton 11.1.15 and gatelab 1.1.2 vst3 and i have the reports. Can you help me?

Same here. I got Gatelab 1.3 and Ableton 11.2.6 on Intel Mac. I also followed the previous post steps and it crashes my project anytime I either try to render the full track, or recording within live.

I think the issue its the ramdom function in the plug in. The only way i could use it without crashing my session was enabling resampling in another audio track, record it and then deleting the plug in, hope it helps for you.