Gatelab freezes reaper

I’m using Gatelab in Reaper. I have the latest version of both products.
When I go to export Gatelab using the infinite generation feature, reaper crashes during rendering at the exact spot gatelab tries to generate a new pattern. Is this a known issue? How do I fix it?

Hi AWiele,

Gatelab uses real-time randomization to create the patterns when ‘infinity’ mode is engaged and this is triggering the issue.
While we will provide a fix with our upcoming update/upgrade I would suggest to record the Gatelab track to a new track and then freeze/export it.

Hello guys,

I just want to mention that panflow and filterstep also freeze reaper when randomization is on. I guess it’s the same issue and you are already aware of, but just in case this can afford useful informations…

I’m actually experimenting, tweaking reaper options and I’m now in a quite stable state by tweaking “render-ahead” size in “Anticipative FX processing”. As a picture is better than speech :

So, it still crashes, but less, and I thought it this could help finding the issue culprit.

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