Gatelab crashes Live 11 & bugs

Every time i insert gatelab into a project, Live 11 crashes when i delete or move plugins on that channel. Often the project will crash every time when trying to open or recover it afterwards.

Also, the vst does not respond to automation drawn in lanes, unless the GUI window is open.

Hi @M32,
Thanks for reporting this. We will try to recreate and investigate further.

Are you using the latest Gatelab version 1.1.3? Which is your operating system?
Does the crash also happen with both VST and VST3?

Hello, i was using VST2, once i switched to vst 3, it doesn’t seem to crash.

However, the VST3 version does not respond to automation either, when the GUI is not open.

Bit of a shame, as it is a great plugin, but makes me a bit hesitant to use it atm.

ah, i did go to the site to verify i was using the latest version, and the link said 1.2, but now upon downloaded the file says 1.3 installing now, will see if that changes things.

best to update that on the website link name for clarity

Okay, happy to report no more crashes on 1.3

The Vst2 version still does not respond to automation unlesss the GUI is open
Vst3 however now DOES, which is great news, and solves all my problems

Thanks for helping!

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Happy to hear that @M32! We’ll take a look at the VST2 version to be fixed too, once we are closer to the next update. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting this. As we are unable to recreate it with both VST2 and VST3, do you have a crash report?

You may send it to our support here: