Gatelab crashes in Ableton Live, can't export audio etc

I just installed a clean copy of Ableton on a brand new PC. I’m getting constant crashes if I use (in particular GateLab) GateLab & Panflow. I’m not sure which is causing it. There are two crashes in particular, using GateLab will just crash Ableton completely and it won’t be resolved until I stop putting GateLab in audio effects. I suspect PanFlow is also crashing Ableton but I’m not sure.

If I try to export the project to audio, it goes to 1% then hangs until crashing. The only way to render was to delete ever instance of GateLab or Panflow from the project.

These are brand new installations of EVERYTHING, Windows 11, Ableton, and audiomodern plugins.

Hello pleary,

Sorry to hear that, not sure if the apps are causing this behavior as we have so little info about the problem. Could you please send us the crash-logs in order to investigate some more?

Why are there all kinds of restrictions on file types that can be attached. I don’t know how to share this crash log, can’t even upload a zipp file, which is what the logs are. Or a DMP.

Please share it with us via email:

It seems like im having the same problem. Can i also share my crash report? ,_,

Same problem, which I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed down to Gatelab. It’s causing Ableton Live 11 to crash in three ways, that I’ve discovered so far.

1 - Ableton freezes/crashes when exporting audio. Ableton becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit.
2- Ableton freezes/crashes when freezing a track with gatelab. Ableton becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit.
3 - Ableton crashes when adding any plugin to any track when audio is playing if gatelab is on a track. Ableton freezes, audio glitches for a few seconds, then keeps playing normally but I get the popup that says Ableton has encountered a serious error and needs to close.

Thanks for any help! I’m on Windows 11 btw.

There is a solution: force Live to export in real time.
Can be done by inserting an External Audio Effect in an empty Audio track, setting the Audio From to something, and setting the Dry/Wet to 0.
Other way is of course recording into an audio track and then exporting only that Audio track.

This does not solve the crash when Freeze Track, because that is always in Accelerated time.

So probably the problem is that Gatelab can’t handle the accelerated speed when Exporting.