Gatelab starting time

Hello, I`m using Gatelab with Reaper in several projects for my live shows.
When I’m working in individual songs, each song inside a single projects, the plug-in starts triggering at the very beginning but once I move my songs to a project with several songs with different tempo maps the trigger does not occur at the beginning. Depending on the the location of the song in the timeline it may begin more at the end , at the middle etc…
Is there any solution for that?
Thank in advance for your help!

Hello PJanela,

Is this happening only when using Tempo automation? Are you starting the playback from the beginning of a Bar, or from a random position in the DAW timeline?


Thank you very much for your reply!
I have never tried without tempo automation. So I cant give a clear answer abut that.
I will try to configure a session to experiment with it.
Yes, I`m always starting from the beginning of a bar.


Finally I’ve got time to try.
Yes, this is happening only when using Tempo automation.

Thanks for the information,
We see that this is a problem that affects many setups and has to do with tempo automation exclusively.
We will do our best to fix this with our next update/upgrade as we’re thinking to further develop the app and introduce new features as well.

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