Gatelab is Here! (and it's free)

We’re thrilled to announce that our new gate sequencer plugin is now available!
It’s free…and it’s awesome :zap:

Gatelab randomizes a unique combination of parameters and is delivering ever-evolving patterns and endless rhythmic effects. You can chop up any audio signal through a number of music-creation and sound-mangling features and generate fresh new ideas on the spot.

It can also send MIDI data, giving it the ability to control or randomize parameters in other plugins. Gatelab is available for Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Windows & macOS



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oooh, sexy. thank you for freebie!

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I love it,
excellent plug in.
Thank you so much !

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Thank you all for the support that our Gatelab plugin has received so far. We hope you love using our products, because we love building them :heart:

Great plugin, sadly crashes ableton on mac os x 10.12 - ableton 10. worked a while, then crashed and everytime i put it to the track it crashes. No matter which format.

Sorry to hear that, could you please check what version of Gatelab you have installed?
Version 1.0.1 is already available in case you don’t have it yet.
Otherwise I will forward this issue to the dev-team to see what the problem might be.

it keeps crashing on my ni maschine also…it was working for like a day then kept crashing in every format…sad thing is its really good but crashes really bad

i have the same issue with my NI MASCHINE it keeps crashing even in stand alone function

Logging in to report the same problem - had loads of fun with Gatelab for a few minutes, then it started crashing Ableton mercilessly. Live 11.1b4, same with Live 10.1.30

Hello all! Gatelab version 1.1.2 is now available and should fix some minor error we got on certain OS versions.

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Worked for a little while in Logic 10.6.3 now it won’t stop crashing Logic and it fails the plug-in manager

Hello! Sorry to hear that. Can you please make sure you have the latest version 1.1.2 installed?

Yes 1.1.2 is installed

Hello to all, for anyone having problems with Gatelab, please before trying to install or re-install version 1.1.2, first delete this file:
Gatelab_Presets in WIN:

in MAC (this folder could be hidden):
MACHD: \Users\userName\Library\Application\Support\Audiomodern\Gatelab

to make the hidden files visible just press Command + Shift + . (period)

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This worked for me! Thanks for this fun tool!

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why is it so hard to find the download link for gatelab? isnt it possible to put a direct link and not do the whole checkout procedure since its free!?

Hey jakkaru,

Aren’t those two buttons obvious enough?

yes they are…but when you click on free download you get redirected to another page which all ti says is check this check that…then you have to guess that the item has been added to your cart, go do a checkout procedure for an item that its free and then get your link… im just saying that this is not user friendly experience at all… it’s the third time im downloading this awesome plugin and everytime i get lost in the procedure…i can’t be the only one!

thank you guys!

Well, there are many reasons that a Software download needs to be always available on a users account.

Once you add the item to your cart you are redirected exactly there, to your cart.
And if you already have an account with us, there is no need to fill up any further information, you just click ‘Place Order’ on the checkout page and you are directed to your Downloads page where you can download it. No need to wait for an email.

And why do you need to do the checkout a third time, aren’t all apps already available on your account downloads section?

im pretty sure it wasn’t…now i checked and it shows up there