Gatelab + Cubase / issue after loading a song

Hi. I have a very annoying problem with Gatelab. When a song is loaded on Cubase, Gatelab does not trigger (or very poorly) on the tracks concerned. I have to click on track editing, see the “Gatelab window” appear, and there, it’s good !.. I have to do that on all the tracks affected by Gatelab, and it’s very tedious !!. …It’s the same with Gatelab VST and Gatelab VST3. What is the problem ?? (Gatelab 1.1.3 / VST 2.4 / VST 3.7.2 / Cubase 12 Pro / Macbook Pro M1 / ​​Osx Ventura)

Hello Dubois,

Thanks for reaching out. This is strange, we will need to replicate this with this DAW & setup to see what might be causing the problem and correct with a quick update.