Gatelab resetting plugin state on reload

gatelab seems to forget every single change i make in it whenever i reload it and i’m not sure if that’s supposed to be happening at all.

using the vst3 version in fl studio 20.8.4

Hello epicgaming95,

Can you please make sure you have the latest version 1.1.3 installed?
Also do you experience the same behavior with the VST version ?

i’m on version 1.1.3. same issue occurs with the vst2.4 version too.

Thanks for the information.
So are you saving a preset in Glatelab that can nor be recalled, or you are only saving the DAW project and re-open it?

update: the issue seems to have sorted itself?
i’ve reinstalled the plugin and restarted my DAW at least once since i’ve last had this issue happen so it’s likely one of those two did the trick for me.

update 2: i figured it out. setting the flow mode to pulse instead of sine will cause the plugin to specifically forget the sequencer’s state through a project reload and force it back to its default state. this seems to occur only with the vst3 version of gatelab 1.1.3

Thank you for the information,
We will definitely check and try to correct with our upcoming update.