Filterstep : sync the playhead

I’m using filterstep in Loopy pro. It works great but the playhead within filter step always starts from wherever it left off rather than the start of the sequence, ao it’s never in sync with the track. Ie If i play a bar of a sample in loopy I want filterstep to play from the start to the end of the sequence, not start part way through.

Is there a way of forcing it to do that?

I’m on IOS by the way

Hello louisandthecat,
Thanks for reaching out. This is made by design as Filterstep is a sequencer designed to be in Sync with your DAW/Host app.

We can definitely introduce a second play/follow mode with one of our upcoming updates.

Thank you for your patience!

Hi there

Thanks for the reply.

I’m still a bit confused - I’m saying I want it to be in sync (or more specifically in phase and in sync) with my host app, but I can’t get it in sync.

By this, I mean that I want beat 1 in Filterstep to be in sync with beat 1 of my host app.

How do I do this?


Just bumping this - any ideas?

This should be done automatically,
Can you please share a screenshot of your setup so we can try and replicate the problem?