Loopmix not in sync

I am on Live 11 and use loopmix with drumloops in play mode.
Here I experience sync issues.

When in keyboard mode no problems.

Am I missing something?

Hi Alansalomon,

This shouldn’t happen. What kind of sync issues are you experiencing exactly?

When in normal “play” mode when I load a sample (top loop from sample pack) it is not in sync with Ableton.
When I preview the sample in the ableton browser it plays in sync.
When I use midi to play Loopmix (C2) it is in sync.

To be precise, I have a kick drum 4 to the floor regular kick loop.
And when I press play in Ableton the top loop in Loopmix is not synching correct with the beat or with the metronome

Thanks for the details .
Is this happening with presets from the Bult-in facotry library too or just this one loop?

Tnx btw for the quickl response

Is this happening with more than one loops of your collection or just this one?
Could you please send us the loop in PM so we can check?

Loop nr. 1 not in Sync

now loop nr.1 in sync

Where can I send the loop?
I dont see ur pm area

please send it to contact [at] audiomodern [dot] com,

Is the issue happening on this one loop? or all loops from your collection?

Gonna do some testing, Ill get back to you.

Tnx for your time.

Ill send the loop

I can confirm its multiple loops I drag in that are out of sync.

I restarted Ableton with new project.
No Issues.
The old restart trick did it I quess.

Ill keep you informed if I run in any problems in the future.

Thanks for sending over the loop.
I can’t replicate any sync issues both in Play mode or Keyboard mode or in session/arrangement view.

Thanks for the update, please keep us updated about this.

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