FilterStep - Hz instead of sync?

I was trying to find this, but can’t seem to find it. Is there a way to have FilterStep NOT sync with the DAW for more “weird” effects? A free rate, basically.

Hello iamdannywyatt,

Filterstep is a step sequencer and is always in Sync with the DAW/Host but we’re working on an update which will provide Sync On-Off as in Playbeat. We hope to have this new version out soon.


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Thanks for replying, Max.
This is great news.
Any idea when that update will be out? Ballpark of course…

Not possible to predict as we are still gathering features for our update/upgrade which will also require some beta testing. We hope we can have it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience! :v:

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Thank you.
While you’re at it, maybe apply the same concept to GateLab? I saw that PanFlow already has it. That would be amazing!

Yes, we will have the same functionality to all of the apps.