Custom tags for samples

Any plans to include custom tags similar to Loopcloud/ADSR Sample Manager?
This would make the plugin so much faster to use.

Using folders is not the best option. I have a folder called Kicks and then inside I have different folders for different types of kicks. Even though I may have, for example,a folder called HipHop Kicks and another one called House Kicks, having a custom tag such as “Hard Kicks” would allow me to only find hard kicks in any folder, regardless of their name and/or location on the disk.

The lack of this feature, along with the limitation of 8 tracks (16 would be the standard), is what still makes me stick to Loopcloud Drum and not so much Playbeat. I would love to completely shift to Playbeat 100%, because its functionality is better than LoopCloud Drum’s, but finding samples is still a pain…

Please consider this


Good idea, this is possible to add. Noted.

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Hope you guys can add this as I thin this would be a great addition