Folders within Folders

XLN XO lets you choose a folder and no matter what folders are inside it will access, it would be nice to have that option in PB , its extremely time consuming to have to click on each individual folder because I have them grouped and labeled by trying to be organized. Also if I make an adjustment on the sample editor there should be a way to lock that in as well by ms , so if I randomize a sample it will still have the cutoff of where I choose . If I want something more percussive and haven’t found the sound , it sucks to have to go in each sample and trim it down. Thanks for all you do and your help . Have a great weekend

Hello mvrtell, i hope you’re doing well and thanks for reaching out to us in our new forum.

#1 About the folder access, do you mean selecting/adding a folder would display all Samples included on All Sub-folders? Because Sub-folders are already visible by double-clicking on the Parent folder name.

#2 About Locking sample Start/End settings on Sample Editor tab, it is possible, yes. We can include this to our upcoming update so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for such a quick reply , I am astonished lol

I didn’t know that ! I see now that you can double click and the sub folders pop up.
Curious to ask , when you randomize a channel that has that main folder , will there be a possibility for a sample to be selected in the sub folders as well ? For example if I have a Main Sample folder that has some samples in that I use but then in that folder there are sub folders of different drum machines , percussions etc , if I randomize the channel that has that main folder linked to it , would there be a possibility for playbeat to go into one of those sub folders as well ? I hope that makes sense. Thank you again for your help and quick response .

The way it is designed is to randomize samples that are included in a specific folder, so while you may have selected a Parent folder to view but e.g. Track 1 has a sample from one of its sub-folders, it will always pick samples from that pool of samples which are in the sub-folder.

Hope this helps!

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