Chordjam VST cannot send out to loopmidi. (Using Ableton)

I am using Ableton and am trying to get the Robot channel to route to midi 1 and the user channel to route to midi 2.
I am using the chordjam vst and am not sure how to go about this?
I have tried setting it up to send out to loopmidi but it does not seem to send midi notes out to loopmidi in the vst version.
I can get chordjam vst to work using the method shown in the manual fine, but cannot find anyway of getting seperate midi channels to work.
Is there anyway of doing this using the vst version or does it only route midi like this using the standalone version?
Any solutions or work arounds much appreciated.

Hello spidergod,

Thanks for reaching out. Not many DAWs support this type of routing, ‘feeding’ multiple MIDI Instrument all from the same MIDI track. To my knowledge the ones that do support this function are Studio One & Reaper on Desktop and AUM on iOS.

Unfortunately Live does not support this routing so I would suggest that you simply load a second instance of Chordjam (using the same preset) do do that.


Thanks for getting back to me.
Shame ableton does not have multi midi internal routing.

Hi Spidergod,
actually it definitely works in Ableton Live. I made a video about it some time ago:

Your problem might be, that you did not define your loop midi channels as valid midi out channels in Ableton Live’s preferences. Otherwise it should work fine.

As Audiomodern mentionend Reaper as a DAW where this works too: You can only allow one midi device to go out of a reaper track. That means you can’t route robot and human patterns to different instruments. Ableton Live has no such boundaries. Sounds crazy as Ableton usually is not very competent in the midi routing departement and Reaper is the uber DAW for internal routing. But yeah, Ableton Live is superior in this case. :man_shrugging:

Yeah I replied back to your comment section on that video.
Loopmidi did start working for a while, then I closed down ableton etc and then came back next day to try something out and it was not working with loopmidi.
Tried deleting the loopmidi ports and re-adding them, made sure under abletons midi section loopmidi was enabled and still no joy.
At present I have uninstalled loopmidi and will re-install to see if that makes any difference.

If it works once it should work always. You just have to find out what is different.
If you open the loopmidi console you can see if data are transferred. If data are transferred the problem is on the input side. If not it is on the output side. I do not know if it helps, but sometimes it is just a small little thing you have to get right. :man_shrugging:

Ok have re-installed loopmidi.
I have attached a couple of screenshots of ableton midi setup.
Chordjam has the robot set to output to loopmidi.
Still cannot get any joy :frowning:
This is debugview ouput :
[20700] 02ce7c7e [loopMIDI Port]: from device
[20700] : F8

Not sure what to do now?

Using this chordjam preset

I looked in preferences and loopMIDI is only set to Track|MIDI in. No Sync no Remote and – that is rather surprising – no Track|MIDI out. :thinking: But it works so who am I to argue? :man_shrugging:

Got it working this morning (touch wood it does not stop working again).
Used these settings in Ableton

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:. Have fun with it!

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