I can't audition Playbeat Lite presets in Reaper

I just switched to Reaper from Cakewalk, because there were issues with Chordjam. Chordjam works fine with Reaper, but I can’t audition the Playbeat’s presets there. The sound breaks off after less than a second listening into the preset.

I can host Playbeat in Unify from PluginGuru and there I can audition the presets though. So this is a work-around.
But I thought you should know this issue with Reaper.

I run my PC on Win10 Pro everything uptodate and the newest Reaper version.

All the best!

Thanks for the information,
Is this happening during DAW Playback or not? Also, are you using the Lite version of Playbeat or the Full one?

I use the lite version. It is happening during DAW playback and outside of playback.