A few feature requests for Playbeat

I have some feature requests.

1 - Hoverable tooltips

2 - DAW automation for the temp random button.

3 - A system for saving variations/temp randoms of the same pattern within one preset that can be automated within your DAW. It could function like the existing quick load slots. I’d love to be able to play with variations of a beat and then have Playbeat slot in a temp random at the end of every desired length.

4 - The abilty to save kits from loading our own samples. So the kits could be loaded into an existing pattern in the same way Loud Sounds works.

5 - To be able to save sets of smart patterns and be able to recall them whilst in the main screen.

I feel temp random is one of Playbeats best features but there isn’t a way to save or really harness what it does. Or is there?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello fstop, thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback.

All requests are doable and we can work on adding those to upcoming updates.

About (4), isn’t already possible to load any set of samples to another preset? You can do that by expanding the preset and click on Load samples button.

About the temporary randomisation option, one way to capture this is to record Playbeat into another track in real time.

Hope this helps!