Visibility & Different skins


I really love the plugins Audio Modern makes.
But on some of them, the details are hard for me to see.
Playbeat is fine except for the presets & packs & sample page. That’s really hard for me to read.

Loopmix is more difficult, it works but…
Especially the red-on-purple bits. Or in playbeat, light purple on dark purple.

The ability to switch between different skins would be great.

Keep up the fantastic work.


Hello Arn

Thanks for your feedback, could you please tell me in which screen/device you are using the apps?

On a desktop mac.
It’s not the screen because all other plugs are fine.

I find it hard to read as well, to less contrast albeit stylish but only for younger eyes :wink: I tend to blow up the size like 200% on my second monitor, but it shouldn’t need be to in my humble opinion.

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+1 for high contrast (hopefully with a larger font). It’s a bit of a squint in studio on my ultrawide, not sure it will be functional on stage on a laptop screen.

Edit: Riffer is very legible, maybe use that scheme as a template?

I just made a post about text visibility problem. Please look at any major software company’s text. It’s consistently high contrast and plain. Not some cools stylized.

Obviously for reasons of inclusion of people with disabilities there curriculum that nonprofits have developed concerning this sort of thing.

Here I found a link that may be insightful.

ADA Compliance | Level Access.

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