Visibility & Different skins


I really love the plugins Audio Modern makes.
But on some of them, the details are hard for me to see.
Playbeat is fine except for the presets & packs & sample page. That’s really hard for me to read.

Loopmix is more difficult, it works but…
Especially the red-on-purple bits. Or in playbeat, light purple on dark purple.

The ability to switch between different skins would be great.

Keep up the fantastic work.

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Hello Arn

Thanks for your feedback, could you please tell me in which screen/device you are using the apps?

On a desktop mac.
It’s not the screen because all other plugs are fine.

I find it hard to read as well, to less contrast albeit stylish but only for younger eyes :wink: I tend to blow up the size like 200% on my second monitor, but it shouldn’t need be to in my humble opinion.

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+1 for high contrast (hopefully with a larger font). It’s a bit of a squint in studio on my ultrawide, not sure it will be functional on stage on a laptop screen.

Edit: Riffer is very legible, maybe use that scheme as a template?