Different Colour Scheme

I love to work with Playbeat, but after some time my eyes get very tired because of the red and orange colours. It would be awesome to be able to select different colours. Gatelab’s colours are very relaxing and dont have that bull effect on me :wink:
Thanks for reading this!

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Hello mightymusic,
Sorry to hear you have this issue. We will see if we can add different skin(s) as well along with our upcoming updates. Stay tuned!


This is my first post and I came to the forum because I am having the same issue. I am trying the demo and I can barely see the interface on the PC. Glad to learn that you are looking at it!

Also I am watching The Sound Test Room demo about the iOS version and he has it a nice blue. Does the iOS version has skins?

Thank you!

Jumping in as someone with less-than-perfect vision to say that a higher-contrast skin option would be great. I love Riffer, nice and clean - even just a Riffer skin would do it for me :slight_smile:

The real issue for me is the menus - playing live will involve a lot of squinting.