Font type/size, and other note ux improvements

On my 13" laptop monitor even after the latest update the font type and size is an issue. I’m guessing most people aren’t using such a small monitor, but I bought this laptop explicitly to use for live performance. Also there common font types across software for good reason. It’s great to be unique, but if it’s at the expense of people who want to use your product, but don’t have greatest eyesight maybe your amazingly unique workflow is enough.

it also isn’t extremely easy to both see the note value while you are trying to click just 1 incriminate up due to the fact that you are effectively covering the information that you are trying to modify when changing the note to a higher value I think creating a little popup window above the slot or at least putting the buttons to the right of the value display would be a more effective method for seeing what you are doing, with a small popup you could easily have the text displayed larger, without needing to resize the app though.

Also I feel having the ability to use the scroll wheel to change note/volume would make for a better ux, and copy/ paste note data would be helpful as well.


Hi Kylewyld,

Thank you for your valuable suggestions and feedback. We appreciate your input and are committed to continuously improving our apps. Stay tuned.

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Indeed :grimacing: the Font-Size is hard to read, even on a 27" display. I assume we would appreciate some type of skin options , nice in terms of font size and weight.

Audio-“auto”-pre-listening in sample selection would be awsome too :upside_down_face:

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Maybe that (the popup idea) could be added as an accessibility feature so that those of us with larger screens could still have a clean interface.

Another accessibility feature could be a high contrast mode (or higher contrast at least), but keep them as options that can be enabled if needed by the user.


I think the idea that the GUI can’t somehow be clean and have intuitively efficient design while using a larger and more common font choice doesn’t hold any water whatsoever if anyone were to suggest that as being a major factor with this issue. Here’s what I view as a great example of achieving a clean look, intuitively efficient design and clear ledigable typography.