Can we get bigger fonts

Can we get bigger fonts. These fonts are ridiculously small. Thanks

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Hello BIB,
Which is your Setup, OS version, DAW version and screen resolution?

Windows 10
Ableton 11

Thanks for the information,
Are you able to resize the app to any desired size which will make the plugin window & text bigger?

Yes. I can resize it to any desired size. So I am using larger monitors. Instead of my 17’’ laptop monitor. I do wear prescription glasses. But with all of my other vsts, Ableton included, I can see them just fine. If I am the only one giving this subject attention. I am happily resigned to this being a personal issue. Playbeat is a truly remarkable program… I will be posting a final comment on what a truly intuitive and creative piece of software this is. The feedback and service that I have received from you guys is fantastic. Maybe throw the idea of different GUI skins around. Thanks!


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Thanks Eriq, we take your feedback in great consideration and hopefully we can come up with a different set of skins to change from soon.


Yes to this. The iOS version fonts are quite small and I don’t wear glasses. It’s actually much easier to see the desktop versions fonts, but using iOS more these days.

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Hello Model10000, We’re on it!