High Contrast display option

I love Chordjam. I’m using it on Mac OS 11. It’s a gem.
I’m am requesting an option to display the UI with higher contrast. It would be an improvement to make the text darker and the background lighter or the opposite. I would especially like this for the text and icons of currently deselected, inactive and unavailable controls. These are almost invisible on my screen, and they are very difficult to tell inactive controls apart from unavailable controls.

I’ve circled available controls in green and unavailable controls in red.

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Hello and thank you for reaching out to us here on our new forum.
Also thank you for your suggestions about the UI. We are going to make changes to the user interface for the next updates with emphasis on the readability of the controls.


I too would love to see improved contrast on the screens… of all the plug-ins really… I do very much the minimalistic design - but my old eyes have a hard time with the low contrast color schemes.