RS7000 groove box style grooves

Amazing drum machine …and here’s an idea.
I write dance music …and i don’t like using the quick slow groove from the swing all the time …dance grooves are more complex than that. They can be expressed as dance steps which are quicker or slower than the last step…like the quick step ballroom dance.
Now i prefer …quick quick slow slow for a groove …for some of my four to the floor modern dance music.
How about a plus or minus in time on each hit …if anyone is familiar with the yamaha RS7000 groove box …that would be a good model to follow …the groove facility is really good.
I can emulate that by changing the tempo per beat on logic …then locking the notes and reverting back to one tempo …but it would nicer to dial it in …minus would trigger the note a little bit before the step …plus values would delay when the sample is triggered.
You’d be able to make very intense dance grooves then. Techno for the win.
I already have a great workaround.
Big love!

Hello numberzzz,
Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback. This is a nice idea and absolutely possible to add. Hopefully we can try it a s new updates roll out.


this is my suggestion …add an extra tab …label it groove …then underneath each step …have an arrow to point either left or right …the value as per what the rest of the drum plug does …the middle 0 value would show no arrow.
Techno will thank you.
Big love.

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