Routing midi intoSonic Charge Microtonic (Ableton)

Anyone know how to route midi from Playbeat into Sonic Charge Microtonic in Ableton? Can seem only to trigger all the 8 tracks in Microtonic only, but not each separately. I’ve tried several setting combinations & external instruments, etc. to no avail. Please help!

I don’t use Ableton but there are 2 Microtonics. A single out device and a multi out device.

A option could be : In Reason 12 I use something called RE multiplexer by Robotic Bean and Reasons own Drum Sequencer to achieve this with simple CV connections. The RRP (Reason Rack Plugin) can be used in Ableton well, I believe.

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This video maybe of some use

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Hi, first thanks for making the video. What was the utility that you used in your DAW? I tried changing the output notes manually in Playbeat to match the ones in Microtonic, but that doesn’t seem to work. Also, can you please tell me what you selected as your input into the Microtonic? It seems the only way to get it to work in Ableton is the IAC bus, but it only triggers the first instruments midi channel. I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple, but it’s driving me crazy…

I’ve never heard of Bidule. I can imagine it makes the midi routing easier. Seems quite simple from your video. I was just trying to figure out how to route it properly in Ableton to trigger the sounds and use the pitch changes in Playbeat also for each instrument on individual tracks for separate processing.

It’s not my video. I’m working on a Ableton Project file, with Playbeat and Microtonic with 8 individual outputs. I’ve managed to get most of it done except I’m having with audio problems for some reason, and trying to get PB and Microtonic to talk to each properly.

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Hi Ziggy,
I am not a pro. So I could be totally wrong. I might even have misunderstood your question.
That being said, Ableton live does not differentiate MIDI channels. It is like Playbeat delivers its work in 8 different pipes and AL just throws it all in one bucket. After that the original channel information is lost because it is all in that one bucket. Even if Sonic Charge Microtonic understands channel information it is no longer there. The only way to make this work is to use Playbeat and SCM inside a VST with VST hosting capabilities like Bluecat’s Patchwork or even better Unify from PluginGuru and make the routing inside this VST.

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Hi ziggy,

Thanks for reaching out. We have the routing instructions in the manual, can you please make sure yours look like this?


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Thanks for all your help & advice. So after much trial & error. The answer lied with creating more midi output channels for the IAC bus I had created. It seems I only had one midi output configured for the IAC bus rather than the 8 outputs needed for the microtonic which is why it only played one channel. I can now send all 8 channels to microtonic to play & process each instrument on it’s own individual track. Thanks again for all your help! If I had one feature request to make the playbeat even better, it would be the ability to set each track to have their own step length (and maybe also sequence up to 64 steps) to make even more interesting patterns. It is a nearly perfect sequencer in my opinion.

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Thanks for the update!

About individual step length, you may achieve the same result by adjusting the range slider individually for each one of the sequencers.


Oh I forgot about that. But isn’t that for the entire pattern rather than each individual instrument? Sorry don’t have much time right now to play with the software as I have lots of work right about now.

Nevermind, seems you can set the step length per track per the manual. Perfect! Keep up the good work Audiomodern! Love the instrument.

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Ableton has a few issues with midi and routing. I was able to successfully get MT to trigger each output channel with Playbeat with Reaper. I bypassed the start button (MT), and used a blank preset on PB.

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