Cannot get MIDI learn in Reason 12, but works in Standalone?

Hi there,

I was hoping to get Midi learn to work in Reason 12 without manual configuration.
A little confused as to what is going on tbh. I’ve included pictures in one picture because of your one pic policy??! :grinning:

In standalone I have MIDI Inputs option but in DAW I don’t. This may not matter and is normal but adds to confusion when I cannot get any midi controller to respond once in Reason 12

I cannot save in MIDI outputs in DAW version and when I go out and come back to this section nothing is saved!!?

Also, a request, there is not much midi mapping for external use for something like the Combinator 2 in Reason 12. Could we possibly have the internal midi mapping options externally, please.

Thank you

Hello Ch1mpact,

Thanks for reaching out. Not sure if Reason supports internal midi routing entirely. Have you tried to reach out to them about this?

Thank you for reply.

I’ll see what Reason can do and/or use the internal cc mappings with Impact, no problem.
Also, with for example microtonic multi I can get all 8 channels separately, I get 7 with Playbeat. I guess this can be configured in Playbeat but my solution is to use 2 Playbeat’s into the 14:2 Mixer within Reason, sorted

With regards to cc mappings available to use externally like in the Combinator 2, I see most plugins provide this although your internal mappings are great.

Thank you

Thanks for the information Ch1mpact,
We will be testing with Reason and get back to you with our findings.


Exact same situation with myself and bitwig.
Any idea?

JopsephThorne do you see your controller being mapped on Playbeat’s UI as you move your pads/knobs?

In standalone, once i turn a knob and exit midi learn mode, it moves just fine but can’t get it going at all in a daw.

Is this happening only on Bitwig? Which Bitwig version are you using?