Riffer routing with Tracktion Waveform Pro Solution

Hello world! I just wanted to give a quick tutorial on using Riffer with Tracktion Waveform. I didn’t see anything posted about it, so I thought I’d write one up to help out anyone in the future who has a routing problems.

And if anyone has a simpler solution, please let me know.

Quick note:
This only works for one instance of Riffer routing to one virtual instrument. (I’m working on routing one Riffer to two different virtual instruments. If I work it out, I’ll post an update)

Without, further ado:

  1. The virtual instrument (VI) and Riffer have to be on separate tracks. They can be on any tracks. They don’t necessarily have to be right next to each other. But for simplicity, we’ll assume the VI is on Track 1, and Riffer is on Track 2.

  2. Right click on the VI INPUT DEVICE, hover the mouse over “Route MIDI from” and then click TRACK 2

  3. Click on the VI’s red ARM TRACK button to arm the track for recording

  4. If you want to solo your solo your VI, you can click the green SOLO button, but you’ll have to solo Riffer too. Otherwise, your VI won’t receive MIDI data

  5. On the Riffer track, there is no INPUT SOURCE required. That can remain empty, if you so choose

  6. If you soloed the VI track, be sure to click the green SOLO button on the Riffer track too.

  7. At this point you have two choices, if you want to hear only your VI and not Riffer’s build-in keyboard too (the most common choice), leave Riffer’s Audio Output as Default Audio Output.

  8. If you want to hear your VI and Riffer’s build-in keyboard at the same time, right-click on Riffer’s AUIDIO OUTPUT button and select DEFAULT MIDI OUTPUT.

  9. Set your track marker to the position where you want recoding to start and press RECORD.

  10. The track should record the MIDI information generated by Riffer and the route that into your VI. There will be MIDI notes recorded onto your VI track, but nothing will record on the Riffer track.

Hope this helps!

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Hello AaronOfMars,

Thanks for sharing your feedback here. We haven’t yet tested Riffer with Tracktion Waveform, and that is why we haven’t yet included the information on our routing examples.

We will make sure this is added to the manual.

Thanks so much!