Riffer as MIDI FX in nanostudio 2 midi controller issue

This is a great app, but there’s one thing I haven’t solved and I can’t tell if it’s a misconfiguration, a bug, or a feature request. My DAW is nanostudio 2 and I’m trying to set up using Riffer as a MIDI FX plugin. I also have a Bluetooth midi controller.

The problem is that I can’t seem to use the midi learn function when Riffer is loaded as a midi effects plugin. If I press the keyboard button I can play and change the sequence via keys, but I cannot assign any knobs or pads to Riffer’s controls. However, if I launch the app as a separate full screen app, in Settings there is a “MIDI CC Inputs” tab that lets me select my external controller, and then I am able to use midi learn and assign knobs and pads to Riffer’s controls.

When Riffer is acting as a midi fx plugin in nanostudio, that settings tab is missing, and the only midi input from the external controller that Riffer sees is keyboard input when the keyboard button has been activated.

I’ve tried an exhaustive amount of messing with in/out settings and various settings in nanostudio, but it’s entirely possible I missed something.

Is this a limitation of the midi fx protocol? A nanostudio 2 limitation? A bug? Or a possible feature? Alternatively, is there some sort of AUM/audiobus configuration I could use to work around this? Any help is greatly appreciated, and despite this very specific minor issue I’m really impressed by this app!

After more research it appears this is a nanostudio 2 issue. All MIDI FX in nanostudio only listen to note input, not CC signals so they never get sent to Riffer.

For anyone perhaps trying in the future, I solved this problem by getting Audiobus and setting CC controls in Riffer setup as a MIDI effect and then routing the MIDI output to one of Audiobus’ virtual midi channels, and then setting nanostudio to listen on that channel.

Hi TanningChatum,
Thanks for the information, we will get in touch with the nanostudio 2 devs in order to find if there is a workaround for this.