Adding different MIDI instruments to the 4 Riffers in Ableton

Is there a way to route each of the four Riffers to a different midi track in Ableton Live? In Riffer I can set each one to a different channel but midi tracks in Live only sees the Riffer plugin and not individual MIDI channels.

Hello Rod, thanks for reaching out.

While Riffer is perfectly able to send MIDI to separate tracks as it hosts individual MIDI outputs, not many DAWs support this functionality. Ableton Live does not -yet- support this option. Sending MIDI from one MIDI Track/Channel separately is currently only supported by Studio One, Bitwig, Reaper & AUM on iOS.

Thanks for the super fast clarification!

Rod this can be accomplished using a virtual MIDI port if you are on a a Mac… not sure about PC: Multi-channel MIDI Routing in Ableton- SOLVED