No sound with Riffer in Ableton

Hi there

So I load Riffer on to a track then a synth on anther then send the synth to riffer like instructed and get no triggering of Riffer at all

Have tried heaps would appreciate a rep;ly

Hello Fallsy22

What you need to do is send Riffer midi to your synth/sampler and not the other way around.

Feel free to share a screenshot of your setup and we’ll help you out.

Hi thanks for the reply

I have tried both ways with no luck
I can get your chordjam plugin to work just fine i’m not sure what i’m foing wrong with riffer

Help please

Can we have some more information such as your DAW version and OS version?
Also, Have you tried both VST & VST3 versions of Riffer?


I am using Windows 11 and the latest version of Ableton
I have just uninstalled and reinstalled and tried both VST and VST 3 setup exactly how it says in the manual, keyboard mode enabled riff generated and I still have nothing.

I reset ableton to factory settings and factory reset my midi controller and Arturia Mini lab mk 2

Thanks for the information,

If you have the keyboard mode enabled then Riffer will be triggered only when you play notes from your keyboard.
Have you tried to toggle back to sequencer mode?
Is the sequencer running when you press “Play” in your DAW?
Can we have a screenshot of your routing?