Is this doable in Riffer?

Hi, I’m quite new to Riffer 3, so I might miss something. Here is what I want to do:
I want to generate a riff with pitches going from C3 to C5, but I only want C3, D#3, G3, G4, G#4, C5. All the other notes are to be excluded. This would be a bit similar as in Midi Madness 3…
Can this be done ? I only see the possibility to enter all the notes manually on the piano roll, but that doesn’t make sense , since then I can also do it in my DAW’s piano roll directly…
I couldn’t find anything in the manual.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Wanterkeelt ,

Yes, it is doable. You can save these notes as a custom scale and then adjust the range to be from C3 to C5.

To save a custom scale, clear the piano roll and enable the notes of your choice. Then, click “Save new scale” in the Scales drop-down menu.