Recurring Issue with Inactive Sample Folders in Playbeat and Loopmix on iOS

I apologize if this topic has already been raised, but I regularly encounter the same bug in Playbeat and Loopmix. After I add the sample folders from the file manager to Playbeat and Loopmix, they become inactive after some time, so I need to remove and add them again. Problem occurs every 1-2 weeks, manual reinstallation did not help. With a small sample library this is not a dealbreaker, but with 10-15 samples folders repeating the process is getting tiresome.

P.S. I’m on iOS 16.6.1 (iPad 2021) and I haven’t moved or renamed any folders within the iOS Files app.

Hi lazyass08,

Thanks for reaching out. Nothing similar has been reported, are there any other changes within the File Manager taking place, perhaps from a 3rd party app, that may be affecting this on your setup?