Playbeat not populating saved user sample folders

When I click on the samples area, the folders that were added with “add folder +” days ago don’t show the samples within those folders in the middle area of the UI. This happens time and time again. I haven’t moved or renamed any folders within the iOS Files app.

Strangely, when I added an additional folder, the hits start populating from “most” of the previously added folders.

Then, once I get a groove going, clicking save crashes Playbeat and all is lost. Any ideas?

Hi Model10000,

Is this happening both in Standalone & AUv3?

Yep, it’s happening in both. Here’s what I’ve figured out:

I have a folder in the ios Files app with the title “hits” with many subfolders like kicks, snares, hats etc. I’ve added many of these subfolders to the leftmost area of Playbeat’s UI. When I close Playbeat standalone or AUv3 and come back I can click on the folders and none of the samples show up. Here’s the weird thing though, I can add the parent folder of these subfolders “hits” to Playbeat as a folder to be accessed and then all those subfolders I’ve added I can click on and their hits show up. There is a folder for “bass” that is not a subfolder of “hits” and none of its samples will populate when the folder is clicked on within Playbeat.

I’ve not had a crash for a day, so that’s less concerning.

I can also add the parent folder of bass “samples” and then I can access the bass samples in Playbeat along with the bass subfolders. Once the app is closed then opened again the samples can’t be accessed until this folder is removed and added again.