Playbeat - Trigger patterns with midi notes

I did not find any option to trigger the patterns with external midi notes? Is that possible? If not, please consider this beeing a feature request.

This will be available with our upcoming update the soonest.


Thank you! This sounds very promising!

When will add this feature?

Hello, at the moment you can trigger any of the quick-load slots via MIDI keyboard.

Hello, I want to trigger any of the saved patterns (128 IS LIMIT) via MIDI keyboard.

Understood. For now we have added this option for the quick load slots, we can definitely add it to the presets via the preset manager.

Hey there. Was about to ask for the same request. Please, can you add the ability to trigger patterns through a midi keyboard? I just bought Playbeat today, I LOVE it, but it’s not usable for me without it as all my vst-i are on a secondary computer triggered by MIDI through my main DAW… Please, please, do it soon, this such an obvious feature for such soft… :slight_smile: Thanks!


As I see similar questions coming up in your forum, may I suggest something like a pattern manager inside each preset.
This is very common to step sequencers.

So in my opinion you should get rid of that 16 presets thingy which is not handy for managing variations, drum fills and breaks.
Instead, several patterns should be stored within ONE preset and it should be possible to trigger these patterns with midi notes from a DAW.
Other sequencers are doing this by having for ex 12 banks and each bank contains 12 patterns. (So 144 patterns in sum)
Playing a note in your DAW in one defined octave (say C2 to B#2) triggers bank 1 to 12 and a second note (i.E. C3 to B#3) selects pattern 1 to 12 inside that bank. So you only need to place two notes in your DAWs piano roll to switch to the pattern that PlayBeat should play.

You could even go one step further and implement a mode, where PlayBeat does NOT automatically start playing when it receives the Play command from the DAW but only from notes triggering the play function of the appropriate pattern!
Imagine an option where the pattern in PlayBeat is beeing played as long as you hold a note and stops when you release it.
This feels like a highly creative approach to me…


Hello Lapidar,

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions.
Indeed it is great and doable. I will forward this to the rest of the team and hopefully we can provide a new solution as new updates roll out.


I would also love to see some of this implementation. I definitely would like to use the quickload slots to save patterns for each pack.

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I agree with the above post from Lapidar.
Just bought Playbeat and while it’s good for quick pattern creation, I am not having much luck triggering patterns for fills and variations. They easily go out of sync. Granted, i’m still learning it.
May I suggest suggest an input quantize facility (1,2,4,8,16, triplets… etc) for accurately triggering on beat, and a re-trigger option to trigger from the start of a pattern.


(I’m REALLY hoping for exact “session view” style triggering here)

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Thanks for your valuable feedback,

We’ll definitely work towards this scenario for our upcoming update.
Stay tuned!

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Just wanted to report in after some more time with the plugin.
Regarding the sync problems: Upon rapid changing of patterns I have noticed that the first track (usually my bass drum ) tends to go out of sync. Seems like a bug.

edit: actually the whole pattern is thrown off.

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Hi dnbhead,
Do you mean regular presets via the preset manager tab, or the Quick load slots?

Hi Audiomodern,

I am triggering the quick load slots. Via midi and/or mouse.

Thanks for the information,

Could you please give us some more details in order to try an replicate the problem such as your DAW version and OS version?

I am using Reaper 6, and windows 10.

Is this still planned?

Hi eclipxe,
Yes this will come with our V4 update later on this season.

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