Playbeat 'Temporary Random' MIDI control bug

When I attempt to use a CC to turn ‘Temporary Random’ on and off in Ableton 11 on a Macbook Pro M1, setting on to 127 and off to 0, the Random comes on as expected, but does not return to the ioriginal values when the CC is set back to 0. It stays in the ‘randomised state’ until the CC value again switches to 127, wherein Playbeat again randomizes. It never returns to the original state.

Hello davidfodel,

Thanks for reaching out. Is this happening only when using CC or when mapping a note from your keyboard to the Temporary Random too?

It seems to only happen when I use a CC value. It works fine when I use a Note, but then that requires me to create a MIDI clip, rather than have an LFO generate CC values.