[BUG] Playbeat 3 (v3.1.8, AUv3, iPad) Random Sample not triggered by midi-cc and/or midi-note


just a short bug report:

(the following is true for v3.1.8 of Playbeat3 for iOS-AUv3)

I can assign a midi-cc to “Random Sample” but it does not trigger it.

I’ve tested various midi-cc send methods (only cc with value of 127, cc value of 127 followed by a cc value of 0, any delay, any cc number) but non of them actually triggers “Random Sample”

Other assignments like “All Tracks Selected” or “Select Track 1” do work as expected, though I did not test all of them.

Thank you!

(Playbeat3 is super dope!)

PS: I can “learn” the midi-cc to “Random Sample”, so it sees the midi-packet

Hope this helps

Hello pureppl,
Thanks for the details, we will try and replicate the problem and correct with a quick update.

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