Playbeat sequencing Polyplex

Not sure if this a bug or something that can be fixed or adjusted. Using Playbeat to sequence Polyplex is a lot of fun but i’ve run into something while using the temp random button in the Smart mode.

In Polyplex the kit variations are triggered from C2 onwards but the temp random (in Smart mode) will trigger it too. I’ve tried setting tamp random to C1 but still it triggers variation in Polyplex. It’s fine in Remix mode. Is there sometihing i’m missing?

Hi fstop,

Are you triggering the temporarily random button via CC or from your Keyboard? Does the same thing happening when clicking on it with your mouse for example? Or only when using the Keyboard ?


I as automating it via C1 on the piano roll. It happens when clicking the button or pressing a controller key (i’m using Push). I haven’t tried automating the CC.

I had closer look today and printed the midi and you can see Playbeat added two extra shorter notes under C3.

Thanks for the screenshot. It appears that the incoming midi passes through to Polyplex app which happens to trigger the kit variations.

Could you trigger the temp button via a different key -or- use CC ?