Playbeat Randomize Samples Questions/Requests

From the Zero State preset, if I click randomize all samples nothing happens. Same if I try the per channel randomize sample. Is it possible to fully randomize samples from Zero State or an empty preset?

It looks like the Randomize samples function (all and per channel) keeps the sample type for randomized samples. If there was a kick on channel 1, the randomized sample will always be a kick. Same for snares and others.

I understand that can be useful if you want to keep your same kit layout but I’d like the option for full sample randomization.

If I’m on the ALL samples list, will randomize sample pull from all the factory and expansion packs or only another from the same pack the sample that’s being replaced is from?

Thanks for any help with this.

Hi SteveBolivar,

The randomize sample function will pick a new sample from the folder that the previous sample is located, this way you can have any custom folder to swap samples from.